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Ratings from 35,025 reviews - Fun Online Slither Intro - Fun Online Slither game cheats and tips/guides - Fun Online Slither game cheats and tips/guides - Fun Online Slither game cheats and tips/guides - Fun Online Slither game cheats and tips/guides - Fun Online Slither game cheats and tips/guides  

Does a particular - Fun Online Slither Level seem impossible to beat? Not to worry - We'll provide the best tips, tricks, and cheats to beat any Level of this game. Enjoy our hints, walkthroughs and guides to come out on top any - Fun Online Slither Level. - Fun Online Slither is an iPhone and Android Game, developed by Kooapps. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers, with the latest current version being 1.16.22. As a testament to the app's popularity, it has gathered a total of 35,025 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.51355 out of a possible 5.

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Develop your skills, try to survive as much as you can and become the biggest worm. You start as a small worm, get bigger by eating other worms who try to do the same. You have to attack wisely but defend skillfully. How long can you survive? Attack fast with the mass-eject booster and get in front of other worms to beat them when they hit you head on, no matter how small you are or how big they are. The best one wins. has no lag issues or performance problems caused by internet connection. Play wherever and whenever you like. The left or right handed joystick controller and mass eject button are fine tuned for higher precision maneuvers and for more fun. Game Features: - Grow fast to dominate the board with smooth gameplay - No Lag due to connectivity issues - High precision gameplay with joystick control - Improved cpu and battery performance for all mobile devices How to play: - Cut in front of other worms quickly to make them explode when they hit you head on - Once you get them to hit you, eat them as fast as you can to gain more mass - Eject mass to boost your speed with one button - Try to beat the highest score based on your length during a session - Internet connection is not needed, play wherever, you are offline or online Thanks to you, the original snakeio is back with new regular updates. We are a small team who are all motivated with your comments, reviews and support. As you know the game is still in development and we constantly try to make it more fun. Your reviews are important for us! You can Like On Facebook: Please send us any feedback. We take them seriously.