Twisty Road!

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Published by Voodoo

Gaming Score: 4.5
From 92,696 Votes

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Twisty Road! game cheats and tips/guides  Twisty Road! game cheats and tips/guides  Twisty Road! game cheats and tips/guides  Twisty Road! game cheats and tips/guides  Twisty Road! game cheats and tips/guides  

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Twisty Road! is an iPhone and Android Game, developed by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers, with the latest current version being 1.9.12. As a testament to the app's popularity, it has gathered a total of 92,696 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5.

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Twisty Road! Cheats, Tips and Guides

How does Twisty Road! game work?

How long can you stay on the Twisty Road? Roll along the road and shatter glass for points. If you're courageous​ enough, jump off the road to skip ahead. Be careful and don't fall for too long or game over! HOW TO PLAY: -Tap and hold the left side of the screen to turn left -Tap and hold right side of the screen to turn right

Game Reviews

  • Honest Review

    By DJ the Wattsman
    I really did enjoy this game when I first started playing it. I just downloaded it today 7/30 the same day of this review. I got to say it started off really fun and was semi challenging with the controls to make you want to keep playing more & unlocking all the new skins, roads and gates. That’s when it got bad though. First off, the game has you collect “coins” which are supposed to be used to purchase a few in game content items but mine are totally useless. I’ve collected over 400 “coins” and I can’t use any of them. People complain about the ads but really it’s not that bad for a free game you just have to improve at the game and you won’t see as many. Secondly, the app crashes a good handful of times and I’ve only had it for one full day (lol). I can’t even use the revive feature either because every time I did my game froze. I’m also playing on the iPhone X so I can assume it’s not a phone issue like if I was using an older generation phone. Lastly, I truly wanted to give this game 2 stars but it was fun enough to earn 3. If they would fix a bunch of the minor bugs it really would be a great game. P.S. People have been comparing this game to Impossible Road saying it’s a copy cat which it is very similar. The one big difference is it’s free. That’s all folks! I hope you found this review useful.
  • Decent but WAY too many ads

    By Ryon B.
    The controls are somewhat decent, though I find them to be extremely sensitive and unpredictable at times, sending me way off course and rolling off of the path. The most frustrating thing by far is the amount of ads. After almost every time you die, you’ll be forced to sit through a 30 to 45 second ad, most of the time you can skip half way through, but it’s endlessly annoying, having to sit through one every other death or so. Also, the game may sometimes take you back to the home screen, where there is almost always an ad on the right side of the screen. It’s ridiculous, this app is plagued with ads and it ruins the experience. The game would be a thousand times better if it weren’t for them. Aside from the endless ads, the game is okay. The controls can be unpredictable and inconsistent at times, but there is a decent amount of content that can be bought with diamonds. There are only 9 items in the shop that must be purchased with real money, however, they are only a dollar, so not too bad.
  • Ads, Lag, Kicking out, Greed

    By unicore luver 🦄
    This game is fun overall, but there are some issues that take away the fun. The first thing is the Ads. I know every free game contains Ads, but the amount of Ads that they put in this game is endless! Like, every time I fail the level, it shows me a 30-45 minute Ad. The Ads ruin the game, and make the whole game less fun. Second, lag issues. Whenever I start rolling down, is starts to stop at random times, which causes me to roll off the edge and fail. They really need to fix this. Third, kicking out. Whenever I try starting the game up, it randomly kicks me out. I always have to try again to get in the game. That also takes away the fun from the game. The last thing that I want to say, is the greed. I don’t like how greedy these Voodoo people can be! They always shove Ads up your throat, and the FORCE you to buy the No Ads, Diamond Membership, Extra Coins, etc. Like seriously, how much money do you need? Anyway, please fix these bugs, they get really annoying sometimes.