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By Tencent Mobile International Limited

  • Release date: 2018-09-12
  • Current version: 0.8.0
  • File size: 1.84 GB
  • Developer: Tencent Mobile International Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. or Android KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, Android P 9.0 or later

How does PUBG MOBILE game work?

4.5  Rating: 4.5   216,698 votes

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PUBG MOBILE is an iPhone and Android Game, developed by Tencent Mobile International Limited. The Game was officially released for the iPhone on 2018-03-19 with a release for Android following shortly thereafter. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Tencent Mobile International Limited, with the latest current version being 0.8.0 which was officially released on 2018-09-12. As a testament to the app's popularity, it has gathered a total of 216,698 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5.

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PUBG MOBILE Reviews & Game ideas

  • Love this game, have spent lots of money on it

    By Superman VS Batman
    I’ve left reviews before. I’m just going to tell you one thing I’d like to see different. And that would be regarding items that go in the hat category. I’ve been having an issue with this for a while but it’s come to a point where I’m really tired of it. I’ve had cool masks before but recently I spent 25 dollars on the game to purchase that new skill team mask or whatever for like 1000 UC. And my issue is that wearing a helmet in game basically removes the mask and you can’t see it anymore because it’s under the hat category. I didn’t spend 25$ just to have it disappear when I put on a helmet. Now I’ve tried just simply playing without wearing a helmet, but that’s near impossible because it only takes a couple of shots to the head (in most cases 1) to kill you. And that makes it near impossible to play. So I’d like to see some sort of change to this, maybe reduce the damage headshots do, maybe make an option in the settings that makes your armor invisible. Where you pick up a helmet but you have it set to invisible so you don’t see the helmet but it’s still kinda there protecting you. Or maybe just find a way to make these masks that are considered “hats” fit under these helmets. One of these changes being made would make me very happy, I’ve spent a lot of money on this game maybe over 200$ now. So, I guess maybe you should try to keep my business here, it would be much appreciated.
  • great game but...

    By Tiffyc05
    this is my favorite game and i don't even like that's actually saying a LOT...that being said however, there are some issues i would like to much as i love this game it KILLLLLS my the files you need to download during updates are so huge you almost can't have anything else on your phone...the players using cheats is incredibly annoying and blatantly obvious...and using this app always causes my phone to other app i use causes this, but after using pubg for just a short while my phone is scorching hot and i have to close the app...those are the big things...the little things i would like to see improvements on are, i wish there were more clothing options for people that don't pay money for the app...there is only one crate you can but with your in game earned gold and it has the same stuff every time, like it never changes...ever...and i have been playing a long time..that's pretty boring...i also would like it if they would address the issue of the missions..i have noticed whenever i complete missions they do not update and it takes way more tries to "complete" them, even though i already 20's annoying..i did bring this to customer service ((customer service also needs a LOT of work)) but all they said was to hit the repair button...which i did..but had no effect on it...if these issues were to be addressed it would be a higher star rating from me...
  • Pubg feedback

    By xredneckacex
    The only problem with the game is the fact that sometimes when you press the bullet button to shoot, it doesn’t always shoot. And when you press the jump button it sometimes doesn’t work but it could just because of slight lag on my end but other than that this game is amazing. I play pubg on the xbox one s and not the xbox one x. So for me, the mobile version of this game is amazing because of the fact that everything is loaded in already and no one has an unfair advantage. The controls are really easy to use compared to Fortnite mobile as well. Another reason the mobile version is better is because now we actually have the new map Miramar instead of having to play on a public test server like you have to do on the xbox. So I think this will give many players a chance to figure out the map to make it even more fun to play on console. The graphics are amazing so far and I have no complaints. One thing I wish the xbox version had was arcade mode like we have on pubg mobile. I think it would be really fun to have it on xbox. But these are the reason why I have this game a 4 star review. Once the issue of the buttons working better is fixed at least on my end, I’ll give this app a 5 star review. If you ever wanna play with me on xbox my gamer tag is xredneckacex. On the phone it’s just JohnnyKizzar. Thanks pubg:)

What fellow Gamers thinks

  • Done

    By SinJekyll
    Well I’ve played this game for quite awhile now, and there are small things that kill this game. I just finished top 10 in a game, not bad right? I might have been able to place even higher but when I shot at someone while on top of a building with an awm somehow I hit the floor. Yes I know how to snipe, I can tag people consistently at 500 meters without fail. So anyways I take aim, line my reticle up with the guys head and fire, he was below me and even though my reticle was dead on his head I hit the floor below me...this is one of things that make this game irritable for me. I love battle royal game especially PUBG considering it was the first. But small things like that need to be fixed because I’m honestly ready to just delete the game and be completely done with pubg because I don’t have a lot of time to play so when I do have time I’d like to get on pubg and play to relax, not get on and try to relax and end up here typing a review because I’m sick of bugs in the game. I’ve spent money on this game and everything and this is getting quite aggravating. Many things need to be fixed in this game and it needs to be done relatively soon because I know I’m not the only person that wants to give up on pubg, but to be honest at this point Fortnite is looking much better, a lot less bugs and very few if any people modding the game.
  • Downloading

    By rocky@413
    How to download pubg in laptops? I enjoy playing it in my phone but i would like to try the desktop version too. Thanks.
  • Game crash

    By bu3isa90
    The game is constantly crashing while im playing im a fan of PUBG but now i cant play it
  • Problem with iPhone X, XS, XS Max

    By Laratarek
    I really admire this game the graphics and everything is amazing but I really hate that It doesn’t support the iPhone X, XS, XS Max screen. That is soo noisy. I hope to see update for that problem soon.
  • Update

    By ro472826248🚗
    It won’t update
  • Best game (but not when you get scare attack)

    By AyoNancy
    Good game but fix bars in mimar map please and where is beta for PUBG update. Tell if found.
  • A lot of potential but needs work

    By Allengamerworm
    This game is in almost perfect carbon copy of pubg pc. The graphics are outstanding compared to other battle royale games for the iPhone. However, the controls are not fully customizable, and I often find myself trying to hit the same button four or five times because I missed it with my thumb. Other games will allow you to move the buttons around on the screen to your liking and even make them bigger. My only other issue is that the server connectivity is Laggy at best. If they fix these issues I will five star.

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