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By Voodoo

  • Release date: 2018-10-10
  • Current version: 1.5.0
  • File size: 343.86 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. or Android KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, Android P 9.0 or later

How does Hole.io game work?

4.5  Rating: 4.5   592,889 votes

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Hole.io is an iPhone and Android Game, developed by Voodoo. The Game was officially released for the iPhone on 2018-06-24 with a release for Android following shortly thereafter. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 1.5.0 which was officially released on 2018-10-10. As a testament to the app's popularity, it has gathered a total of 592,889 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5.

Video Manual: Hole.io Gameplay

Hole.io Gameplay

The most addictive game! Enter the arena and face the other holes in a fierce battle. Eat everything in sight with your black hole and expand it to eat more! Show them who is the biggest hole in town! LOCAL COUCH MULTIPLAYER FEATURE Want to compete directly with your friends? Follow these four simple tasks: - Step 1: Open the "Local Multiplayer" menu on the right and create a room - Step 2: Make your friends join* - Step 3: ??? - Step 4: Enjoy the battle! *Bluetooth required. They need to be close enough to play.

Hole.io Cheats

Hole.io Reviews & Game ideas

  • So Much Fun, But So Little Time...

    By _ArGos_
    The concept of this game is really amazing. It’s a fun mechanic and you really have to eat used to the physics, it’s challenging to eat things when small but just as challenging when you ran a group of buildings and they all get stuck trying to go down. I notice some choppy lag when you’re getting bigger, hopefully some polishing can be done to make that a little better. My major complaint is the game modes, and I can’t understand how the devs went wrong on this. You have a 2 minute top score mode against a bunch of computer players which is somewhat interesting but tires quickly. Next, you have a battle mode with no time limit, but the bots will zero in on you when they know they’re bigger than you so it feels unfair and rushed. Outside of local multiplayer, you have a solo mode that makes the game, no bots to deal with and no goals besides eating everything... but again you have only two minutes. It can take a quarter of that time just to find things to get bigger when you’re small, and by the time you’re just big enough to have fun you’re out of time. Why do this??? This type of mode needs more time, but honestly a solo mode with no time limit at all would be an absolute game-changer, pitting all these restrictions on the fun hollows the experience and leaves you frustrated and wanting more. I would love to increase the rating if the devs would allow us to enjoy the game the way we should be able to, it just doesn’t make sense not to.
  • AMAZING but

    By Rihanna 96
    I love this game from the bottom of my ❤️but I have a few suggestions. #1. I’ve seen so many people talk about this and I just really want you to add more maps. Though I feel like you’re adding these in already in your own time, I feel the need to bring it up again. That’s the main thing. #2. The time. In the eat 100% of the map challenge, 2 mins is no where near enough time. I understand you want to make the game more challenging but in order to complete that challenge you have to reach 20% in 30 secs. Which is impossible. So maybe you could have different levels with different times. For ex. one level with 1 min, one with 2:30 etc. These are my only suggestions. I hope you add these into the game or at least have them in progress. You might see two reviews from me because it said I didn’t make one and I really wanted to 😂. Anyway besides all these things the game is AMAZING 😉👍🏾. Adding these suggestions will keep people playing the game constantly and make it more FUN!!!! I hope you read this and take these into consideration because I think that these things are already being put into play. Thanks in advance and keep making the game great. ❤️👍🏾 Edit: Thnx so much for adding new maps 🤗🤗❤️❤️. It makes the game so much more fun. Thanks again 🙏🏾🙏🏾
  • Developers read this! Great game in the making!

    By Captain Augy
    I’m fairly addicted to this game right now and, although it is fun to eat people and cities, I feel like it needs just a little more. Developers please read this food for thought. The ranking system is cool. Is nice knowing how high you’re progressing but there isn’t a point without bragging rights. The scoreboard at the end should show your rank. Your rank should be bigger and more noticeable in game as well. There should be a high score leaderboard both by rank and score. Hell could even throw in most amount of players eaten. More game types I’m sure are already in the making but consider things like map changes. Not to spill the beans for everyone but you always spawn on the same map. Just looking at it from one of the four different angles. Eat both parks, competition, police and court building, apartments and then game you win. Honestly I know I’ve won once I ate a park to myself. Consistently get an average score of around 1600k. While others are stuck at 100 or 200. Simply because once both parks are eaten there isn’t enough to go around. Which makes sense I know. But people like me memorize the map in any of the 4 angles. Making it slowly more and more boring and simple. I’d throw out new stuff soon to keep peoples attention.

What fellow Gamers thinks

  • Love it.

    By Bakinlala
    Game is super fun and earning the different skins is awesome too. But As everyone else says, more maps would be amazing. I look forward to seeing what other holiday changes and skins are to come!!!
  • Sooo many holes....sooo little time

    By Gfghhhhhtrgbbg
    You get exactly what your asking for
  • WOW

    By knjytbfyh
    I love ❤️ how you try to become king and it is easy to rank in the top 7#
  • This so fun!

    By I dont give a way my name
    So I like this game cuz you eat everything and YOU CAN DO A BATTLE ROYAL!!😄
  • really fun, but 2 big suggestions

    By GopherGecko
    first i’d like to say that i absolutely love this game, its soo addicting and so fun. however, having only three maps makes the game get very redundant very very fast. i really wish you guys had 5-6 maps, or maybe that you unlocked a map every time your rank went up! additionally, i wish we got to play against real people. its pretty obvious that we’re playing against bots. these bots typically score less than 900, whereas i usually score around 2500, so there really isnt much of a challenge- which isnt all that fun. if we got to play against real people, it would be more of a challenge, more interactive, and way more fun! keep up the good work and thank you for taking the time to listen to your customers!
  • Top game for me

    By FloridaGator15
    I play this game almost every day. My best score is 99.80%. (Even though I’m pretty positive I’ve gotten 100% more than once.) I wish you could choose what map you play and I’d love their to be a “beat your own time” mode without a time limit. But other than that, top game for me. TIPS —— TURN OFF WIFI AND CELLULAR WHILE YOU PLAY. NO ADS. GAME NEVER HAS LIVE PLAYERS. ALSO The pirate island map is the easiest to score highest on. Placement on the map at start is also key. Eat ALL small things first. Don’t try so hard to get bigger objects til you know they’ll fit.
  • Freezes

    By Bill5637852
    It use to be the most addictive game ever. However since the last update there is no more fluid movement of the hole, it’s always stopping, pausing and making you readjust your thumb or finger. Also now there is advertisement banners at the bottom of your screen inside the gameplay box, causing you to inadvertently open some stupid ad in the middle of gameplay. The Tornado.io is doing the same thing 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

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